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One Unique Way to Have An Open Discussion About Your Future

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Have you heard of Pinterest? Its a unique online way to collect pictures and personal photos. It is basically a collage that allows comments from others.

We are a storytelling species. And ever since cavemen started writing on walls, we utilize pictures to explain how we’re feeling.

We know from John Gottman’s research that couples that last long term are frequently having discussions about their future. They dream together, aloud.

I realized the other day that you can use Pinterest, or actually Evernote, or any word document, to tell your story to your partner.

The question I had a couple work on separately:

What do you want your life to look like in 10 years? I then had them separately find pictures on the internet using Google Images. They copied the images, and pasted the photos into Evernote. Again, any word doc would suffice.

Once both were finished, you explain your collage to your partner. Your partner explains their photo collection to you.

Sounds simple, right? It was actually quite an intense experience for both of them. A desire to avoid sickness and cancer was prominent for one of them. The photos were of a family member who died at a very early age due to cancer.

There were photos which overlapped for both. They both had a vision of what a possible new house, with a backyard patio and dog, would look like. Without much planning they separately found a similar photo. This reaffirmed their home ownership goal. It also provided a clear photo to give a real estate agent about their ideal home.

I encourage you to try this out! It took about an hour, and the discussion that followed was amazing.

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