Professional Staff

  • Alapaki Yee, MFT

  • Salvatore Garanzini, MFT

We created the Gay Couples institute to give gays and lesbians just like you access to great therapy. We disagreed with many of the things our friends were being told in their own relationship therapy. In fact, some of those things they were told by other clinicians were fundamentally inaccurate and not based on any research.


The Gottman Method seemed like a logical choice. We completed their advanced fellowship, and are now we are two of about 300 therapists worldwide who can call themselves a Certified Gottman Therapist. We teach this method to other therapists, and I (Salvatore) am a faculty member at the University of San Francisco.  We work in individual and couples therapy with gay men looking to build their confidence and happiness while learning the skills necessary to have a strong relationship. 

In 2017 we became the first and only relationship treatment center, gay or straight, to publish our outcome results in an empirical scientific journal. 

For more information on the Gay Couples Institute, take a look at how we have been mentioned in the media, and especially our ‘What Pride Means’ blog, our research and Washington Post article here

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Alapaki Yee, MFT

I enjoy working at the Gay Couples Institute because I enjoy positively helping other gay couples with their relationship; that I had a small part to help them get along better, communicate better, and even last long term. I also use the skills I teach in my own relationship, so I know it works even if you don't get it perfect. Contact us to get started!


Corey Barber, MA

The reason I work at the Gay Couples Institute is to be part of an organization that is contributing positively to the LGBT community through improving relationships. The Gottman Method is research-based therapy that can give couples the tools to better their relationships. It is important to me that couples are learning skills that have been shown to work. The best part about working at the Gay Couples Institute is seeing the moment when a couple realizes their relationship has an exciting future ahead. Contact us to get started!