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Good for Gay Couples: Relationships are Stronger When You’re Friends in Love

Everyone wants to be understood, respected, admired and paid attention to by their partner. These traits are essential for great friendships and making love last in gay relationships. And friendship is a vital element in any healthy romantic partnership.

There are certain elements that exist in a relationship that indicate the strength of a friendship. For instance, when you can truly be yourself you know you’ve found a keeper. An article on, titled “9 Signs You’ve Found the Man You Should Marry,” notes you shouldn’t have to be “on” for your partner. Friends don’t care if you’re slumming in sweats with stains on them; the company is what matters. The same is true in gay relationships. But it’s also important to return that same level of comfort and security to your partner. Does your partner also feel free to just be?

Many couples that seem to have the strongest relationships admit they are each other’s best friends. To be accepted and heard are two of the most powerful elements to feeling loved and safe. Do you listen to one another? Do you share inside jokes and laugh together? Even when you’ve had a long day, he should still be the one you want to share your greatest moments and lows with. Strengthening each other by being supportive can make even the hardest moments easier.

Always remember, relationships go two ways, so understanding, accepting, admiring, and paying attention to your partner as much as they do you is integral to balanced friendships and long-lasting love stories.

Happy Holidays!

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