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Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Updated: Mar 25

Gay and lesbian couples can improve their sex lives just by considering their preferred Communication Style

Ok, let's kick off the new year by talking about sex!

Many couples have issues keeping the sexual spark alive with each other. Gay couples tell us that sex starts to get routine with each other after 2 years together.

So how do you spice up your sex life?

If you're having problems with sex declining in your relationship, ask yourself one simple question:

  • How often to we *talk* about sex?

Of the hundreds of couples who approach us with complaints about sexual frequency, when we ask this question as a rebuttal, the answer is something similar to "Not that much" about 100% of the time. This is problematic because sex researchers have found that couples who talk about sex often, end up having sex often. This correlation was extremely strong, and seen across the globe. In Paris, for instance, couples are often talking about sex and sexuality. They're routinely flirting with one another. They playfully touch one another's bodies. Thus it becomes easy to initiate sex when they get somewhere more private. Th

is was also seen in Latin countries, in particular.

For some help building this into your relationship, check out the quiz here. The issue might actually be your preferred Communication Style (there's four), and you might be a "Sensualist." Your partner might not appreciate how you approach the world, but there's easy things you can do to improve conflict that this brings up. (Look at the quiz for answers).

Watch the video here if you're interested in working with us.

We'd love the opportunity to help you.

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