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Good for Gay Couples: 12 Tips for Healthy Gay Relationships

Earlier this year I read a great article at about "The 12 powerful habits of happy gay couples". I especially like #7 - it outlines really nicely in a table some examples of what we can do and say to pay attention to our partner.

Some of the tips listed were very consistent with research about how successful gay couples already operate. Those are especially:

  1. Always show respect for your partner. Even when angry or arguing, happy gay couples never name call, get belligerent, or communicate that their partner is somehow less-than. Many will criticize one another, and although this should be avoided, it is not an indicator of impending divorce, by itself.

  2. Express positive attributes about your partner to others. Happy gay couples often catch their partner doing something *right*, rather than focusing on what went wrong. When you communicate this to others, you're sending an extremely fond message about your partner.

  3. Work together as a team toward short and long term goals. Research found that goal-setting gives relationships a spirit of 'teamwork'. This team-like feeling pushes over into conflicts. When couples feel like a team, they argue like two teammates on the same team, rather than as rival teams. There is a sense that you two will need to see each other again tomorrow, so we might as well be softer/kinder with one another.

For the full list of suggestions, see this link:

Need help implementing?? That's always the hard part. Schedule a consultation with us today and we'll help you build these habits into your relationship.

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