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What to do if you struggle to build a social community...

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, everyone wants to meet new gay friends in their local area. We know that people can’t thrive when they lack a social network.

Tonight we’re going to talk about an email we received from a regular viewer. "So, basically, I've been struggling to find guys like me. I've tried the apps, our school's student alliance, going to certain events around the city, and so far, the results haven't been very good..."

We’re going to show you some important things to consider to find good people in your area, even if you MUST use apps even to meet friends.

We’re also making a special opportunity available for three individuals who want to work on their situation privately with us, directly, over the next few weeks so they can create a 2020 full of new opportunities, a new social cohort, and a new feeling of vitality in their lives.

Here’s the link (must be the first 3 to be accepted by application)…


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