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Should you have free access to your partner's phone?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Should you have free access to your partner's phone?

What if you've experienced a break in trust or been cheated on in the past?

There's some clear guidelines you can follow when it comes to suspicion over breaks in trust.

First, be careful of "mindreading." This is where you, or your partner puts a thought into the other's head and assumes it's true. This behavior naturally provokes defensiveness.

Second, couples who last long term demonstrate transparency to one another. But, they are not overly paranoid to where the snooping goes on even there's no basis for it.

Third, allowing your partner to look on your phone is healthy if there's been a break in trust with one another in the past. Most relationships take a year to recover from full blown affairs or betrayals. This transparency is required to address legitimate fears.

Listen to the discussion for additional answers and advice for how to identify whether fears are legitimate triggers, or becoming excessive.


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