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Is "Brutal Honesty" Appropriate In A Relationship?

Updated: Mar 25

Is it ever appropriate to be brutally honest with your partner? How brutal is too brutal? And when does honest feedback cross the line to unkindness?

In this episode of Hear Me Out, we discuss a situation that arose between a married couple when one partner decided to get several sexual piercings without his husband’s knowledge.

Should he have asked for permission? It’s his body, after all. But it’s also understandable that this unilateral decision will have affected his husband profoundly. A very tricky situation, and one that our listeners will no doubt have very differing opinions about.

The couple in question made it through this issue together once they began to listen to one another — with the help of some of the exercises in our program.

So, can you be totally honest with your partner without being harsh and making them defensive? Is there any room for brutal honesty in a successful, long-term partnership?

Listen to the couple’s story — and stay tuned to hear our solution to their problem.

Watch the video here if you're interested in working with us.

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