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"Connector" Communication Style: Are Your Values Worth De-Valuing?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Are you giving in too much? What's really happening when we're people-pleasers?

If you find yourself giving in too much in a relationship, consider where this is coming from in yourself.

Often it's coming from a place of hope that things will get better. This is a healthy motivation, but can bite you when you start giving in too much, or you're being bullied.

In the episode below, we cover...

1. What are the signs you're giving in too much?

2. Why do you give in so easily?

3. I'm afraid of losing my partner, so how do I assert myself?

4. What are the costs and benefits of staying silent and overlooking your values?

Take a listen to this 15-minute episode to understand when you're giving in too much.

If you're looking to build a solid connection with a partner, and get clear on asserting your values in a relationship, take a look at our Build A Solid Connection training course.


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