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Why Is It Easy To Be "Easy"?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Why is it easy to be "easy”? 🙂 What's happening when we're not letting someone in?

When we posted this question to our Facebook Page, we got over 63 comments in 24 hours from LGBT individuals weighing in on hookup culture.

Here’s what Luke had to say, "Why I think it's different and more difficult in the gay community is it's tough to differentiate what society and social norms dictate to us versus us truly being honest with who we are. Both paths can be work - (holds back slipping in a sexual joke) but they are both ultimately trying to find their own happiness. I have issues with having a desire for heteronormative ideas but I know deep down I align my ideology with both non mainstream ideas and conventional thoughts on what love is and what I want out of life. Often times in the gay community we forget to calm down the passion and not think about something as personal or as a self investigation - but we pick at what is or isn't. All very complex human emotions.”

But then Joshua said: "It’s not that hard to suck a dick, but it is hard to love, respect and communicate.”

What’s really important is to focus on *relating* and not necessarily a relation-*ship.* It’s the *ship* part that gets people in trouble, because we immediately start focusing on the future, rather than the present.

What should I be doing while I'm waiting for the right person? The most important thing is to focus on letting people into your world. A wise man once said, “Relationships are about: allowing.” Relationships are about allowing others to influence your view of the world, and an opportunity for you to bring a new view to someone else’s world.

What should I focus on if I do think this person is a good match for me? We created an entire six-hour, four lesson training about how to really connect with a partner. We show you how to start dating, and if you’re in a relationship, how to get the spark back.

Here’s a link for our Build A Solid Connection course, available right now on the GCI website. (For a limited time, the course also comes with two one-on-one coaching sessions for you to apply the information to yourself.


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