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Work through your differences, rekindle your fire, and have a more enjoyable sex life with less pressure


Rekindle your fire, have satisfying sex, and work through your differences using a proven roadmap that actually resolves your issues, not just cover them over for a few months, taking you back to square one..


When I was a gay teenager, I remember going to the Barnes and Noble bookstore desperately searching for tools to create a healthy, happy gay relationship. I wanted to start dating like my straight friends were doing.

​I could tell that I had no idea how to connect to another gay guy. When I met my first boyfriend, Mike, I felt like I was giving in all the time. He worked at a supermarket deli, and had no interest in going to college someday. I was applying to universities and felt like we were not on the same page. We just felt disconnected all the time.


Though he and I didn't last very long, things got better when I found support from other gay guys who knew how relationships work. I needed a community of folks I could relate to.

When I met my current husband, Alapaki Yee, our lives changed when we found practical tools and skills to implement in our relationship.


We were both licensed therapists at the time (and still are), but we had to learn like all other couples ways to not let things build up.


Through the Gottman Method, we discovered how to manage our conflicts around our cultural differences. Through regular practice, we built habits and routines into our weekly interaction that helped us to provide to one another's needs easily without causing conflicts.


Having now been together since 2005, I'm proud of the life we built together, including our "challenging" German Shepard, Shadow.

In 2007 we created a supportive Institute for gay men to create awesome relationships. It's called the Gay Couples Institute, and is now the only relationship Institute in the world to publish outcome data on it's success rate. 

As soon as we opened our doors, gay couples asked if they could fly to our office in San Francisco to do intensive weekends. The resources didn't exist where they lived, or they specifically wanted our proven 9-step method. 

Our newest and most successful intensive experience is designed to get you out of your current element at home so that you can use new skills to make conflict productive, reignite your sex life, and build trust by connecting emotionally. 

Everything from our 9-step "Gay Relationship Revolution Program" is included in just one experience, along with follow up support to make the gains last long-term. 

Join us in this amazing opportunity, and realize the relationship happiness you deserve.​

To your future together,

Sam Garanzini, and Alapaki Yee
Cofounders, Gay Couples Institute
Certified Gottman Couples Therapists

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Gay Relationship Revolution Program

The Gay Relationship Revolution Program is a powerful research-proven system for helping same-sex couples in committed relationships, as well as individuals looking to rapidly increase their relationship happiness and satisfaction in just 90 days.


This program removes the obstacles that we felt as a young gay persons, going to therapy and reading relationship books when I really wanted a straightforward plan.

"My partner and I worked with Alapaki Yee and it was truly transformative for our relationship. The process helped us see each other more clearly, trust each other more by leaps and bounds, and find greater peace and appreciation in our differences. Simply put, working with Alapaki helped me fall more truly and deeply in love with my partner. Gratitude doesn't begin to cover it -- working with him was life changing. Thank you, Alapaki!"

- Sophie -

"Some friends of ours recommended we go to the Gay Couples Institute. My partner and I extremely close however we recently experienced many outside events that have caused our relationship to be strained.  We were relived to discover that primary focus at the Institute is to teach couples tools for constructive dialogue.  Even if you and your partner are doing "Okay" I'd recommend you seeing these therapists as the skill set they provide you is well worth the money."

- Shawnie -

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