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Struggling with your

The best resource for LGBT couples looking to improve their relationship.

Shift from bad arguments and awkward disconnection with your partner 
to creating a strong bond and great sex in just 90 days!

Struggling with your Relationship?

Since opening our doors in 2007, we have seen approximately 4000+ LGBT couples and individuals.
PLUS, we're the ONLY program gay or straight to publish our own outcome results in an empirical journal.

But, the best way for both of us to gain 100% confidence that this is the absolute best way for you to reach your goals, we invite you to jump on a short call so we can get clear on the exact steps you should be taking based on your specific background and situation.

Gay Couples Institute - The best resource for gay men looking to improve their relationship

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How it works?

Gay Couples Therapy - Schedule A Free Consultation - Gay Couples Institute

Gay Relationship Revolution Program

The Gay Relationship Revolution Program is a powerful research-proven system for helping same-sex couples in committed relationships, as well as individuals looking to rapidly increase their relationship happiness and satisfaction in just 90 days.


This program removes the obstacles that we felt as a young gay persons, going to therapy and reading relationship books when I really wanted a straightforward plan.

"My partner and I worked with Alapaki Yee and it was truly transformative for our relationship. The process helped us see each other more clearly, trust each other more by leaps and bounds, and find greater peace and appreciation in our differences. Simply put, working with Alapaki helped me fall more truly and deeply in love with my partner. Gratitude doesn't begin to cover it -- working with him was life changing. Thank you, Alapaki!"

- Sophie -

"Some friends of ours recommended we go to the Gay Couples Institute. My partner and I extremely close however we recently experienced many outside events that have caused our relationship to be strained.  We were relived to discover that primary focus at the Institute is to teach couples tools for constructive dialogue.  Even if you and your partner are doing "Okay" I'd recommend you seeing these therapists as the skill set they provide you is well worth the money."

- Shawnie -

FREE QUIZ: What Type Of Partner Is Right For You?

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