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Gay Couples Therapy With Video Conferencing

Shift from bad arguments and awkward disconnection with your partner 
to creating a strong bond and great sex in just 12 weeks!

"Gay Relationship Revolution"

Signature Program For LGBT Couples


The Gay Couples Institute has now seen over 3000 LGBT couples since 2007. We've also now seen many more LGBT individuals that want to work on their relationship mindset and personal path. 

We've discovered that clients approach us wanting to...  

  • Become emotionally bonded with a partner...

  • Stop conflict from blowing out of proportion...

  • Keep sex exciting long term...

  • Get your needs met, and feel connected again

Our clients follow this roadmap to specifically address their situation and become successful at relationships again...


Phase 1: "Me" In this phase, we show you how to develop your personal mindset (Step 1), personal happiness (Step 2), and Personal Connection with your Body (Step 3). These steps prepare you to have an amazing relationship with a partner. 

Phase 2: "You" In this phase, our professional clinical staff coach you to use our online video and exercise portal to connect with a partner (Step 4), have productive conflict with that partner (Step 5), and repair past hurts (Step 6). 

Phase 3: "Us" In this phase, you and your partner become a team that constantly gets better at sex and physical intimacy (Step 7), staying friends (Step 8), and creating a shared vision of the future (Step 9). 

You get an actionable plan, weekly coaching to stay on track, and access to our team if things get difficult. 

If you're remotely interested, the Gay Relationship Revolution Program is only open to 20 couples at a time so that we can help our clients in a thorough way. 

Fill out an application below and schedule a time to talk about your situation. You'll walk away from the call with a clear plan for your next steps...

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