Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Relationships usually become stuck in one of four areas (conflict, needs not being met, physical intimacy and sex, or trust). With a personalized action plan, and a supportive team of professionals to provide accountability when things get rough, you can improve. The Gay Couples Institute's 90-day relationship coaching program provides you an individualized plan in writing, and access to our entire professional team on an unlimited basis to help you with implementation. Using this model, we've helped approximately 200 couples per year since opening our doors in 2008. Simply fill out our application if you'd like more information, or to get help...

When does the program open again?

We have created an application to help determine whether your situation might benefit from our program. Submit your answers confidentially to us, and then choose a time on our calendar for the video consultation.

Where are you located? Can we meet online?

At the Gay Couples Institute, you have choices about how you'd like to meet. We have gotten almost entirely away from in-office individual meetings because our clients see huge success when able to have access to our team whenever they want. With our model, you can have an answer to your question or situation within minutes, at times. If you'd like to come into the office in San Francisco or Manhattan, we can discuss that on the consultation. It is often more cost and time-effective to get the same results using our video platform. All of the coaching is through confidential video conferencing using HIPAA-compliant software. This simple web and app interface allows you more flexibility in scheduling, and the natural environment of your home where you're free to speak about how you see your situation.

What about insurance?

We do not accept insurance, mainly because of the privacy breech created on your patient record. Instead, we encourage our clients to utilize an FSA or HSA for reimbursement, if possible, or take this work as a tax deduction. We'll give you a comprehensive statement to make this possible, or if you'd like to submit to out-of-network insurance on your own.

Still have questions?

No problem! Go through the quiz on the Start Here page, or send us a message on our Contact Us page. Our phone number is 877-424-1221 if you'd like to speak to us directly.