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Top Gay Couples Institute Relationship Blog Articles

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Our goal is to provide solid relationship tips and counseling information for gay couples around the world. On this relationship blog, you can read articles written by some of the best gay couples therapists in San Francisco, New York, and San Diego.

Here's our most downloaded content, as of 2017:

  1. Do most lesbian relationships follow the butch-femme dynamic? Written by Sam Garanzini in 2010, this article was constructed for lesbian couples asking why the butch-femme relationship dynamic is so common. It started as a simple email to Sam. As it turns out, this dynamic is heavily researched in the academic world. Now it has been downloaded 8100 times, and linked across the internet. https://www.marriagecounselinginstitute.com/butch-femme

  2. What are the positive aspects of being gay or lesbian? Did you know that one in three gay teenagers will seriously contemplate suicide? This article was written to remind young people that there's actually advantages to coming out. This was written long before gay marriage legalization, or therapy helping gays and lesbians was prevalent. This article has now been downloaded 2300 times since 2008, and our hope is that 2300 people benefitted somehow after reading it. https://www.gaycouplesinstitute.org/blog/the-positive-aspects-of-being-gay-or-lesbian

  3. How do you resolve sexual incompatibility?  Our couples therapy clinic in San Francisco first opened in 2008, and approximately 97% of the 1600 couples who have approached us for help list sexual differences as a paramount issue. Why? Because sex is the first thing to go once conflict ensues. We find that as couples learn to be more skilled at conflict, they can get their sexual needs met. https://www.gaycouplesinstitute.org/blog/resolving-sexual-incompatibility

  4. How do you spice up your sex life? This is a common article found on the internet, but we wanted to share some ideas actually founded upon sexuality research. This has been downloaded 1100 times since January, 2016. We're proud that the sexuality tag is the most accessed part of our gay relationship blog. https://www.gaycouplesinstitute.org/blog/tips-to-spice-up-your-sex-life

  5. What are some easy ways for gay couples to increase their intimacy and connection? Couples love quick information that they can implement immediately. These were some of the main items we encountered in our relationship therapy clinics. https://www.marriagecounselinginstitute.com/increase-intimacy

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- Sam and Alapaki

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