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Relationship Advice on Internet Radio Call-In Show: Tues 6/2, 5pm

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

GCI Executive Director Salvatore Garanzini, MFT appeared on San Francisco Comcast's TV show "Outspoken" talking about latest relationship research and our upcoming July 19, 2009 "Relation Renovation" couples workshop. Catch the replay of the program 5/26 Tuesday at 9PM, 5/27 Wednesday at 7PM, 5/29 Friday at 7:30PM, 5/30 Saturday at 6:00PM, and 5/31 Sunday at 7:00PM on ComcastSF "The City Station", cable channel 11 in San Francisco. 

At 5pm (PST) Tuesday June 2nd join Salvatore with all your relationship questions on "The Radio Boiz", a worldwide internet LGBT radio station. Hosted out of St. Petersburg, Florida, you can listen to the replay now below: 

Enjoy the replay of the show. We talked about how to respond when your partner tells you that you're too "needy", how to deal with issues around your partner's ex, and much more!

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