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It's ok to go to bed angry.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Couples often ask, "After we've had a big argument is it ok to go to bed angry?"

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Our answer?

Sure, go to bed angry. Arguments are a re-calibration of some issue in the relationship. You two are trying to fix something and come to a solution.

Arguments are not a bad thing at all, but if they start causing a lot of tension and overwhelm, then we have an additional problem. All relationships have problems. On some level, all relationships should always have arguments. Relationships, though, should not have tension as problems are worked out.

So, is it ok to go to bed angry? Sure, if it facilitates reducing the tension after a difficult argument. It is much better that you go to sleep, wake up more clear-headed, and try your hand again at dealing with the issue. This is a skill we've seen couples who last into the long-term do regularly. They sleep on it.

- Gay Couples Institute Research Team

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