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How To Deal With Huge Arguments That Arise From Small Issues

On today’s episode of ‘Hear Me Out!’ we’re talking about a great request we got from someone in this group… "I would love strategies to help avoid conflict when it comes to huge arguments that arise from small issues…”

Everyone's mission here in the GRR Group: Shift from having bad arguments and awkward disconnection with your partner to creating a strong emotional bond and great physical connection.

Here’s what we’re going to cover today…

1. What makes the Gay Relationship Revolution group so “revolutionary.”

2. How the Monday night “Hear Me Out!” Livestreams work… * Tag someone who might benefit from this content in the comments… * Share this episode with someone who might benefit… * "Yes… and", not ‘Yeah, but…"

3. LESSON: How To Avoid Conflict When Huge Arguments Arise From Small Issues * You’ll want to have a piece of paper handy to take notes. * Which is your “preferred conflict style”? 1. Style #1 _________ 2. Style #2 _________ 3. Style #3 _________ * If you have conflicts that blow up suddenly, you’re probably mismatched in your preferred conflict style. Your relationship can definitely make it once you start ____________ <watch the video!>

Once you know your style, ideally look for someone with your preferred style. If you’re matched in your preferred conflict style you’ve actually hit the lottery!

Next steps: 1. Post your Preferred Conflict Style below in the comments 2. Take the survey and help us understand what new topics you’d like us to cover… * https://www.couplestherapytraining.org/… 3. Direct Message us if you’d like some help with your unique situation.

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