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Good for Gay Couples: Complete Set of Questions to Create New Meaning in 2016

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Happy New Year Gay Couples Institute fans!

Many believe the new year is a great time to set new good intentions with your partner. Looking at your shared goals, including what went well, what went wrong in the previous year and how to improve them this year are all great ways to aspire toward a more positive and fulfilling relationship.

These goals speak to Creating Shared Meaning, one of the seven principles all long-lasting gay couple relationships possess. Shared meaning exists between couples when they practice kindness such as providing praise, daily support and time for one another. By complimenting your partner and helping out with a task as simple as emptying the dishwasher, you are creating an intimacy focused around appreciation, love and mutual respect.

According to an article on PyschCentral.com, called “How Couples Can Set Intentions for the New Year,” many couples...agree to fight less and work toward sloughing off negativity in favor of more positive interactions. These are techniques discussed in gay couples therapy as well.

Self-awareness is an important element in any relationship, but it is vital when you are

examining your behaviors and are working toward a more upbeat and productive relationship with your partner. Instead of pointing out your partner’s failure the next time he does not live up to your expectations, find a constructive way to communicate this. As PsychCentral.com notes, “become an expert” on each other. Knowing how your partner will react in different situations will help you better navigate your relationship in the new year.

Make sure to check out, “How Couples Can Set Intentions for the New Year,” which provides relevant questions to help you and your partner create shared meaning year after year.

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