"Fix Your Relationship"

Signature Program For Gay Couples

This three-month program has helped over 2000 gay couples since 2007, and is your key to repairing trust and conflict, having better sex, and creating the amazing relationship you deserve.

Your professional team will help you discover how to...

  • Become emotionally bonded with your partner again

  • Stop conflict from blowing out of proportion

  • Keep sex exciting long term

  • Get your needs met, and feel connected again

This can be done with, or without, a partner participating. It can also simply serve as an addition to couples therapy you're already doing with a partner. 

You get an actionable plan, weekly coaching to stay on track, and access to our team if things get difficult. 

Fill out an application below and schedule a time to talk about your situation. You'll walk away from the call with a clear plan for your next steps...

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