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Taking that first step toward a better realtionship can be intimidating. To help you feel 100% comfortable before you get started, justre request a FREE, no obligation 30-minute phone consultation. This is your chance to ask question, get to know your therapist, and find out if it's right for you and your partner. (Your partner must also be on the consultation call)

An Established Process for Fixing Gay Relationships

Gay couples often try to take on their relationship problems alone. But when you fix things on your own, without a roadmap, you often leave pieces incomplete. What if a professional provided you a written plan, specifically tailored to the two of you? That's what we do for about 200 couples per year, since 2007.

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Discover a Systematic, Skills Based Counseling Approach that Improves Relationships Rapidly

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Licensed Relationship Therapists with advanced training in using the Gottman Method with gay couples.

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